miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2011

Chinita's Fair Campaign


Well, for the final project, our group , had to design a campaign for the Chinita's Fair.
Let me explain you, The Chinita's Fair is a traditional celebration in our city Maracaibo, every people from around our country come to Maracaibo and celebrate this huge event!

For this asigment, I personally designed a Logo to identificate our campaign. This logo was created based on the ever glowing sun of Maracaibo. Also, we wanted to incorporate the typical patterns from our culture.

Secondly, we had to create a slogan and we chose "Feel the warmth of our people". This slogan served as the graphic concept for the whole campaign because it's shows the special qualities of the people from Maracaibo.

Then, the campaign proceeds by designing a poster. Our inspirtion came from the Logo and the Slogan. We used a picture of a typical "goajira" girl that represents the heritage of our culture. This little girl is standing in front of "The Lady of Chiquinquira's Basilica".

Finally, we designed a P.O.P material using the logo.

For the final part, we had to exhibit the project in Second Life, we created a little stand to show all the products.

This is a picture of my avatar in Second Life (the yellow bus) visiting our stand!

A great experience! We learned many skills visiting the virtual world.. I invite you to join!

martes, 22 de noviembre de 2011

The Job Interview

For this assigment, we had to watch this video

And this is what I learned about it:

For a job interview, you have to be prepared for any question, situation and different types of scenarios. It's important to have a good actitude and be professional in your talking. Don't forget to use positive body language in the interview!

Formal dressing is essential for a first impression. Always dress for the position that you are really wanting long term rather than the position you are applying for today.

A good tip is that if you are, for example, being interviewed by a male and a female, remember that males tend to communicate much more directly and much more concisely, whereas females tend to like to communicate in stories and they like to discuss more feelings-oriented subjects. Reminding this, could help you a lot! And then you won't look insecure and weird.

And finally, don't be shy about calling them for any doubt. The employer needs to think that you're very, very interested about this job position!

Resume and Cover Letter

Here's my Resume:

And here's my Cover Letter:

miércoles, 28 de septiembre de 2011

8 Design Secrets

All designers dream of the client who says “Money is no object. Hire as many photographers and illustrators as you need to get the perfect images for my piece. And while you’re at it, get a professional writer in there. And printing? Die cuts, 7 or 8 colors, special papers and folds… go for it!”
Sadly, this client does not exist. At least I’ve never met her.
Here’s the more typical client conversation:
Client: “I need a full page ad designed.”
Designer: “Great!”
Client: “I’ve written the copy already. It’s about 400 words — can you edit it for me? And I have a couple of photos that I’d like to use that I got from a stock disc I bought in 1998. Oh and I need it by the end of the day today.”
Designer: Checks balance in retirement account.
Whenever this happens, I turn to my arsenal of design tricks — things I do time and time again to transform less than ideal elements into a good design. Assume that these are the elements provided by the fictional client:
picture 1
picture 2
And the title: “Going Places”

Here’s a run of the mill layout:
Original layout
I can do better than that*! Here are eight of my secret weapons.

1) Crop the image
crop image

2) Turn the image into black and white
black and white

3) Add white space
white space

4) Break borders
Break Borders

5) Play with scale
Play with Scale

6) Change the size of the final piece
Change size

7) Lose the art — use a type treatment
type treatment

8) Silhouette

There are infinite variations. To keep it relatively simple, I kept the same color palette (blues and greens) and typefaces (Agenda and Adobe Caslon) and used the same amount of dummy type throughout.
I was tagged for this post a few weeks back, asking for “8 Secrets”, (thanks, AM!). What are your secrets?

*Note from a paranoid designer: These aren’t final designs, just illustrations of the ideas in this post. I would make real color breaks. And kern. And try different type combinations. And silhouette better… You get my point.

SOURCE: http://leslietanedesign.com/blog/something-from-nothing-or-at-least-very-little-8-design-secrets


I really enjoyed reading this article.. So I decided to share this with you, future graphic designers. Something very important for someone who wants to be a professional in this area, is to know that you can not conform with the first idea you have, yo need to go forward!

If you have an idea, try to work based on that idea, but never conform with the simple sketch in your mind and that is a perfect trick for create amazing stuff ;D

And the clients.... That's a hard thing....... But, don't worry, if you're a graphic designer, PATIENCE must be your best friend, so ENJOY what you do :) CREATE, CREATE AND CREATE!


1) Could you please define Graphic Design in your own words?
Simple, for me graphic design is the fundamental basis of human visual communication, which allows direct access to the optical expression of information in a straightforward and clear way. From the prehistoric (Paleolithic Art) to the present man has been needed to express a message and infused it in a way, maybe personal or massive and that is when graphic design became stronger and takes his position in their environment as a vital visual expression.

2) What influenced you to pursue graphic design?
Since I was a kid, I liked the art and its expressions. Graphic design is the perfect tool to express personal emotions and thoughts through visual communication, in addition, one of my passions is photography and in the world of graphic design, image is everything, the same thing happens in photography, so I found the perfect complement.

3) Could you please describe the educational process required to become a graphic designer?
First of all, we are educated in terms of image composition, then to understand how to manipulate these images, making them subject to specific alterations by manual or digital methods, finally passing through the practical execution and placement of it in a given environment.

4) What are the skills you need to be a good graphic designer?
There are many skills that a designer has, but a good start would be too much creativity and desire to experience with a view to leave the monotonous and repetitive, I think that this basis could be a good motivation to be a Complete Graphic Designer.

5) What job considerations were you looking for after you completed your education?
Because of my passion for photography, I have always considered and wanted to work in a Publishing House, and so, I could work as a graphic designer and photographer.

6) What's something of your school life that you enjoy the most?
My friends and teachers, I enjoyed them in a 200%.

7) From your perspective, what is the most difficult part of being a graphic designer student?
The days of final delivery, when in just one day, students must submit up to four projects, the rest, for me, is an awesome trip.

8) What are your plans for the future?
One of my goals is to become a professor at my University or have a Creative Studio, but only God knows which of these plans will be the correct.

9) Point out your most personally gratifying moment in graphic designer school.
When I presented my thesis and the jury took pride of us! I almost cried of happiness!

10) Why would you recommend graphic designer as a career?
Because it is a career that as so many branches to grow as a professional, even talking profitably, it is one of the best races!

My friend and graphic designer/ photographer! :)


TARAAAAAN! Introduce you, my friend MAURICIO MARTÍNEZ! The most amazing cartoonist/ future graphic designer/ illustrator.... IN THE WORLD! See? He's very talented :) He's one of the funniest person I've ever met! Whatever he does, makes me laugh! xD

He's cool, everybody can be his friend.. He accepts everybody, not everyone has this ability, and I admire that!.. The time we spent together, make our stomach hurts! Because we laugh toooo much! He is very patient with me, and that is lovely.

He can eats pizza and drinks apple juice three times in one day.. I don't know how, but he can does it.

See? How can he do this? :O


He is DOUGLAS D'LIMA, my boyfriend and best friend.. My counselor and my partner in hard times. He is an incredible person, I really admire his personality and his talent!.. He is christian like me and he is the guitar player in a rock band called "GeneraSion" and he has traleved to many countries representing, firt of all, God and our country Venezuela :)

He's actually working in his goal.. Becoming in a professional and recognized music producer.. He has worked in many musical productions for venezuelan christian singers that in short time, they will launch their albums.. AND HE'S ONLY 21 YEARS OLD! That's why I REALLY admire him! He's an example for me..

And... Of course, I LOVE HIM.

In a concert in Costa Rica